Parking Bans in Lexington Township.  Now that the snow is here, during storms please watch The Alliance Reviews website/Facebook page or tune into FM Q92 or AM WDPN1310 for parking ban updates.  Our road department will notify the radio station when they need all cars removed from the roadway and the days it will be in effect.  The parking ban shall become effective 2 hours after notice is received and all streets are marked with “Emergency Snow Route” signs.

There will be NO PARKING on the following roads during a Parking Ban: Agnes, Barcus, Bennington, Betz, Briarcliff, Broadway, Beula, Cambridge, Cindy, Cobblestone, Dixie, Dot, Dumont, Elmside, Garden, Glenford, Hazelview, Heltman, Homestead, Jeanette, Jennings, Johnson, Julie, Kentwood, Lambert, Mahoning, Mayfair, Meadow, Meadowbrook, Mishler, Nellabrook, Overcrest, Parkmont, Parkside, Pettit, Ridgefield, Salina, Sioux, Sturbridge, Toni, Tullis, Wilma and Woodshire.

 Welcome To Lexington Township

 Located at:

14555 Gaskill Drive NE, Alliance, Ohio  44601

 Phone:     330-823-7627 or 330-821-6183

Fax:  330-821-8361

Email:  lextwp@sbcglobal.net

Office Hours

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Monday – Friday

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