Road Dept.

The Lexington Township Road Department operates with three full-time employees: Mike Byler, Road Superintendent and two equipment operators.  They are responsible for the repair and maintenance of 45.735 miles of Township roadways.  They do the roadside mowing, cleaning, and maintenance of all Township road ditches and culverts, street name signs, traffic signs, and snow and ice control.  They also maintain a partnership with Limaville, the Limaville/Lexington cemetery, and does the opening and closing of graves at the Limaville/Lexington cemetery.  The Road Department is also responsible for the Bolton Park on Gaskill Drive and the cemetery at the corner of Rockhill Avenue and Greenbower Street within the Township.

The Township is well-equipped with three dump trucks which can be equipped with snow plows and salt spreaders, two tractors with brush hog mowers, a road grader, a pickup truck, and other equipment necessary to keep the Township roads in top notch condition.  Most of the repair and maintenance of the equipment is done in-house at our 5,100-square-foot building located on Greenbower Street.  The site has a total of 12 acres, sufficient to meet the needs of Township expansion for many years to come.

The Road Department operates on a yearly budget of approximately $260,000.00 which is provided by a 1.7 mill levy and money from gasoline taxes and vehicle registration fees.  These monies help to maintain all Township roadways and ditches.

Township Roads:

Agnes   St. Hemlock   St. Northlynn   St.
Ardmore   Dr. Hiner   Ave. Northside   Rd.
Armour   St. Holly   Ave. Orange   Rd.
Asbestos   Dr. Homestead Ave. Overcrest   St.
Barcus   Ave. Illinois   St. Parkmont   St.
Bennington   St. Indiana   St. Parkside   Ave.
Betz   Ave. Jeanette   St. Pembrook   Rd.
Beula   St. Jennings   Rd. Pennsylvania   St.
Bolton   St. Johnson   Ave. Pettit   Ave.
Bon   Air Ave. Julie   Ave. Porter   Ave.
Briarcliff   Ave. Kelly   Ave. Price   St.
Broadway   St. Kentwood   Ave. Ridgefield   Ave.
Burden   Rd. Klinger   St. River   St.
Cambridge   St. Knoll   St. Robinwood   St.
Cedar   Ave. Lair   Rd. Salina   Ave.
Cindy   St. Lambert   Ave. Sioux   Ave.
Clapsaddle   Ave. Laurel   Rd. Smyth   Ave.
Coalbank   St. Lawrence   Ave. Snode   St.
Cobblestone   Ave. Lewis   St. Solar   Ave.
Commerce   St. Lexington   Ave. Spruce   Dr.
County   Line Rd. Longwood   St. Sturbridge   St.
Courtney   St. Lowe   Rd. Taylor   St.
Dixie   St. Madison   Dr. Teel   Ave.
Dot   St. Mahoning   Ave. Toni   St.
Elbrook   St. Maryland   St. Tullis   Ave.
Elmside   St. Mayfield   St. Vaughn   Ave.
Fisher   Ave. Meadow   St. Vine   (Aebi to Freshley)
Florida   Ave. Meadowbrook   Ave. Walnut   Ave.
Freshley   Ave. (Beeson to Edison) Mercer   Rd. Waverly   St.
Garden   St. Michigan   St. Webb   Ave.
German   Church St. Mishler   St. Wilma   Ave.
Glenford   St. Moulin   Ave. Wilson   St.
Hazelview   Ave. Nellabrook   Ave. Wisconsin   Rd.
Heltman   Ave. North   Star Ave. Woodshire   Circle

County Roads:

Aebi   Ave.
Atwater   Ave.
Beeson   St.
Freshley   Ave. (Railroad to Beeson)
Greenbower   St.
McCallum   Ave.
Price   St. (183 to County Line)
Rockhill   Ave.
Sawburg   Ave.

State Roads:

Edison   St.
Iowa   Ave.
State   Route 183
State   Route 225
State   Route 619


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