Marlington Local Schools –
Home of the Marlington “Dukes”

The Marlington Local School District came into being May 12, 1956 when the three adjacent Township schools (Marlboro, Lexington, and Washington) were consolidated. This occurred because the Legislature required each school district to provide 12 years of education. At the time of consolidation, each township provided elementary education through 8th grade, and all students from Lexington and Washington townships attended Alliance or other area high schools, and Marlboro students attended their own small high school.

Consolidation also resulted in a wider course of study, further broadened when Alliance and Marlington School Districts established a Joint Vocational District in 1972.

Present schools in the district are one elementary school in each township, housing grades K through 5. The Middle School (grades 6 through 8) and High School are located in Lexington Township. Total enrollment is approximately 2,600 and about 200 students graduate per year.

In the elementary program students are taught the basics using different materials, textbooks, teaching styles and flexible groupings to meet small groups and individual needs. Emphasis is placed on basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics to provide students with a strong foundation for their education career.

The Middle School offers a student centralized programs featuring solid academic education, a student activity period, life skills and fine arts. Two- to five-member teaching teams plan for the success of students in a varied curriculum.

Marlington High School offers a wide variety of programs. Approximately 153 courses are offered. Major academic areas have several levels of ability groupings, including accelerated classes. In addition, Juniors and Seniors may elect to attend the vocational programs at Alliance High School while Alliance students can attend horticulture classes at Marlington High School. Marlington also works cooperatively with area colleges on past secondary options for students taking college hours while still in high school.


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