Snow Parking Ban


Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of Lexington Township, Stark County, Ohio, adopted a resolution on February 10, 2015, regulating the parking of motor vehicles on certain township roads during a declared snow emergency.  This regulation is deemed necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents.  Prohibiting the parking of motor vehicles on certain township roads during snow emergencies is necessary in order to provide for the efficient clearing and treating of snow or ice upon such roads and to better assure emergency vehicle access.

Pursuant to Revised Code 505.17, the Township Road Superintendent is, by the Board’s resolution, authorized to issue orders declaring a snow emergency and prohibiting the parking of motor vehicles on designated and posted township roads within platted subdivisions during a snow emergency.  In order to declare a snow emergency, the accumulation of snow on such roadways must be two (2) inches in depth or greater, creating a condition requiring snow removal or treatment by township trucks, plows or other equipment.

Traffic control devices conforming to Revised Code 4511.09 shall be prominently displayed on each affected township road for purposes of enforcing the provisions of the Board’s resolution.  Permanent signs giving notice that parking is prohibited during a snow emergency shall be properly posted along the township roads affected by this regulation.

An order by the Township Road Superintendent declaring a snow emergency shall become effective two (2) hours after notice of such declaration is announced to the local news media.  The Road Superintendent shall request that the local news media announce that a snow emergency has been declared, the time the declaration will go into effect, and whether the snow emergency will remain in effect for a specified time or until canceled by a subsequent announcement to the local news media.

The Township Fiscal Officer shall post a copy of this Notice in five (5) conspicuous public places within the township for thirty (30) days and shall publish this Notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the township for three consecutive weeks.

By resolution of the Lexington Township Board of Trustees.

Jill McNeil

Township Fiscal Officer


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