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Recorder Campbell Initiates Program For Businesses To Help Vets


In 2012, the Stark County Recorder’s Office began issuing United States Veteran Document Identification Cards (Vet ID cards) to veterans who have recorded their military discharge record (DD-214) in the Stark County Recorder’s Office.  Currently, 39 counties have stood with Rick in his efforts to provide Vet ID cards throughout the state of Ohio.  Stark County has approximately 30,000 veterans living and working in our community.

            Now, in 2016, Stark County Recorder Rick Campbell, has begun reaching out to businesses in an effort to help veterans.  Rick has been working with local businesses in order to educate them about the Vet ID program.  If a business agrees to be a “Veteran Friendly Business”, a decal will be provided to place in their window, so veterans can identify that a discount or benefit is provided upon showing their card.  Campbell said “It’s about service; these men and woman served our country and protected us along with our rights. Now it is time we served our vets by providing this small benefit for their service”.  Below is an image of the decal that veterans should look for when checking if a business accepts their Vet ID card.

            If a business would like to participate or has any questions, please call the Stark County Recorder’s Office at (330) 451-7443 for more information.

            A list of participating businesses will be maintained on the Recorder’s website ( for our veteran’s to access.




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